When you know MMT, you have The Right Stuff

Gold Standard Airlines flew in the air, in an airplane, and they were flying while ‘fixed’ to gravity.

Post-Gold Standard Era ‘floats’ in space, in a space craft, and they’re floating because they are no longer fixed to gravity like Gold Standard Air.

Post-Gold Standard Era is not as concerned about pitch, roll and yaw in space the same way as Gold Standard Air was. Post-Gold Standard Era doesn’t have to worry about where you are in relation to the horizon, because in space there is no ‘horizon’. Post-Gold Standard Era is not as worried about how much fuel is being used as Gold Standard Air did because Post-Gold Standard Era creates its own fuel on-board. It’s two different paradigms…two different crafts…two different instrument panels…everything is different.

Mainstream thought is that the federal gov’t is still the same as a household, which is like thinking that an astronaut is the same as a pilot.

When you know MMT, you have The Right Stuff.


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