When you know MMT, you have The Right Stuff

Gold Standard Airlines flew in the air, in an airplane, and they were flying while ‘fixed’ to gravity.

Post-Gold Standard Era ‘floats’ in space, in a space craft, and they’re floating because they are no longer fixed to gravity like Gold Standard Air.

Post-Gold Standard Era is not as concerned about pitch, roll and yaw in space the same way as Gold Standard Air was. Post-Gold Standard Era doesn’t have to worry about where you are in relation to the horizon, because in space there is no ‘horizon’. Post-Gold Standard Era is not as worried about how much fuel is being used as Gold Standard Air did because Post-Gold Standard Era creates its own fuel on-board. It’s two different paradigms…two different crafts…two different instrument panels…everything is different.

Mainstream thought is that the federal gov’t is still the same as a household, which is like thinking that an astronaut is the same as a pilot.

When you know MMT, you have The Right Stuff.


The US National quote Debt unquote

The US National “Debt” is a liability, is an obligation, but is not an actual ‘debt’ to the federal gov’t (the issuer of $$$) like an actual debt is for a household (the user of $$$).

Federal gov’t ‘debt’ is nothing more than a running total of how many additional $$$ the issuer ‘supplied’ to the users.

Rather than thinking of the rising amount of the federal gov’t ‘debt’ as a bad thing, think of it as a measure of our incremental growth.

(Not wanting to supply the $$$ needed for that growth, and thinking that we need to ‘offset’ higher federal gov’t spending on the private sector with ‘cuts’ elsewhere in the private sector is the same as telling your child that you won’t buy him bigger pants unless he agrees to wear a smaller shirt).